VideoX brings together the world's leading ad inventory with various ad formats, specialize in playable ads, rewarded video ads, also support interstitials, banner and native ads. With constantly updated machine learning algorithms and comprehensive support services, VideoX is designed to help developers get maximum revenue with minimum R&D and time costs.


Video Ad Inventory
Video Ad Inventory

In addition to our own advertiser, we also cooperate with global mainstream video ad platforms. VideoX provide developers premium video ad inventory with highest quality and price.

Optimize eCPM
Optimize eCPM

With constantly updated machine learning algorithms, VideoX predicts the click and conversion probabilities between different users and ads, improves the matching rate of traffic and ad, and achieve a win-win outcome for user experience, developer revenue and advertiser costs.

Monetization Service
Monetization Service

We are dedicated to do the best service for developers. You only need to focus on optimizing the product, Let us do the job of monetization and improving revenue.

Support The Highest Earning Ad Formats
Rewarded Video


Idle Boxing Manager

Retired champion boxer,The unquenchable will to fight !
Perfect management ,Mysterious training methods !
The fighters kept setting new records ,invincible ! Became a legendary tycoon too!

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Zombie Haters

Get the team of like-minded people and clean the streets of filth!
Shoot, explode and bomb the undead on city streets.
Discover new territories and explore the big world. Huge crowds of zombies,
a lot of secrets and true friends await you!

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Casino Tycoon

This is a simple and addictive leisure hang-up game.
Game Instruction:
Build your gambling city, develop all kinds of gambling industry,
and achieve your empire.

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The goal is pretty simple. Just capture as much territory as possible!
Take care! Your enemies are extremely smart! A clash will happen
anytime and anywhere! You need to have very good strategy!
How To Play:
-Close an area to grow your territory color
-Don't let other origami players hit your track trail
-Attack the tails of your opponents to eliminate them
Make sure to guard your existing territory, you have been warned!

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Merge Kitty

Do you like cats?
Create your own ultimate cat team and win the game!
Starting with kittens, through continuous integration and upgrades,
they will upgrade to more advanced cats to win more coins.

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Lark player

Get your daily dose of entertainment
Discover the new and trending content from charts
like Billboard Hot 100, iTunes Top 100, etc.

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